Escape room "Upside Down"

Company: Exitus

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (5+ reviews)
0770-551-817 27 sc A, apt 29, et, Bulevardul General Gheorghe Magheru 4
Imposibilul sa produs. Ați intrat într-o lume imaginară, plină de culori, în care toate sunt… cu capul în jos. Aveți 60 minute la dispoziție pentru a rezolva misterul și a reveni la normalitate sau veți rămâne prinși în aceasta lume pentru totdeauna.

Reviews on escape game "Upside Down"

  • It's a downtown location and the Upside Down room is very interesting. It was my first escaping experience and I can tell that it already made me addicted. The staff is very nice and they have a pretty Border Collie.


  • We were thinking about trying an escape room and we decided to play the Upside Down room. It was quite a challenge, but we enjoyed it a lot. Even if in the beginning everything seems very simple, you quickly find out that you were wrong. The puzzles are not easy and they require some thinking. But in the end it was totally worth it. We're definitely going to come back and try their other room soon!

    sergiu l

  • We enjoyed this escape game. We were able to break out of the Capone room in 45 minutes and the kids were able to help quite a bit with the puzzles. I think some of their other rooms are a bit more challenging. The facility was nice and clean and the staff was friendly.

    Yiotula S

  • It was very exciting being able to solve their puzzles. A great experience with unexpected turns. We liked their attention to details and their promptness in supplying clues.


  • The location is very easily reachable (right in the city center), the owners are very nice and the staff is very helpful. The idea of the "Upside Down" room is very interesting and there was a lot of work put into it. It takes someone very skilled with numbers to figure it out, so it is not as intuitive as other escape-the-room adventures, which is why I would recommend it to people who have done this more than once before.

    Sarah K