Escape game Nautilus Submarine

Company: The Mystery

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

2 reviews


Strada Vrancea 49a Cluj-Napoca 400258 ()


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Once you enter the submarine escape room you will feel like in a submarine where Captain Nemo lived for 30 years under sea. the cylindrical shape, the engine noise, the texture and the rest of the details will make you forget that you are in a room from a game Although not all of them, most of the submarine puzzles are controlled by 12 interconnected microcontrollers, programmed in such a way as to create a dynamic atmosphere and to react to some player actions. inside there are also mechanical puzzles and also logical thinking secrets and some of them will need at least two people to solve them. The final has 2 variants: one of medium difficulty, one with high difficulty,

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